Dover Public Education Foundation

Walmart Donates $7,500 to DPEF!


Dec 14


Michael Lindsey, Director of Public Affairs for Walmart, presented a donation of $7,500 to the Dover Public Education Foundation in support of its “Back Pack” program to feed hungry students in the Dover School District.

The foundation and school district are partnering with Walmart and the Arkansas Rice Depot to provide nourishing meals during school vacations for students whose primary source of food is through the school lunch and breakfast programs.

The program provided meals for 15 elementary school and fifteen middle school students and their families during the recent Thanksgiving vacation, according to Superintendent Jerry Owens, and plans are to provide food to sustain 15 elementary, 15 middle school, and 15 high school needy families during the Christmas break.

Students in need are identified by school counselors and other employees, Owens said.

Article courtesy of The Dover Times